The planning and production processes in the company were already digitized in 2000. With the implementation of the MegaCAD drawing program and the associated MegaTISCHLER software, we have succeeded in optimizing planning preparation and furniture production.

All furniture elements are drawn in 3D, with precisely defined bores, millings, etc.

This way, we get a very detailed work plan with 2D and 3D visualization with precise dimensions. This gives our customers a very precise idea of ​​the end product.

Our technical service covers all phases of the factory planning:

  • Preliminary planning
  • Design planning
  • Factory planning according to architect’s execution planning
  • Production planning/workshop planning
  • Assembly and revision planning

Short production and assembly times require well-founded preliminary planning and there is a clear coordination with those involved in the planning, so that ambiguities and contradictions are recognized and resolved at an early stage.

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